Connecticut Butterfly Association

The following individuals are available to present programs related to butterflies. Please contact them directly for availability, fees, and any other questions. Note: each name is an email link.

Name Telephone Topic(s) Audience age Geographic area Fee Equipment requirements
John Himmelman
860-663-3225 Butterflies & Butterfly Gardening; Discovering Moths; Insects & Their Amazing Stories All ages, the Butterflies and Their Gardens for Garden Clubs Anywhere $250 within CT, Travel expenses added elsewhere Screen
Ruth Mohr 203 268 0824 common Ct butterflies: butterfly gardening:rearing butterflies 1st-4th grade also do garden clubs FFLd county, other areas if can reach by rt 15-don't drive the thruway $150 plus gas mileage I bring own slide equip(someday I hope to do it digitally
Jay Kaplan 860 693-0157 Differences between butterflies and moths; CT Butterflies; Butterfly Conservation; "Museum" touring Grades 1-2 elementary school classrooms All of CT Yes screen, tables for specimens
Author - Lynn M. Rosenblatt 860 372-4882 Lynn Rosenblatt creates an exciting one-hour presentation for children. It is a unique program that shares the publishing process of her award winning book MONARCH MAGIC. Through her creative writing, she reviews the entire Life Cycle of the Monarch Butterfly. Lynn Rosenblatt emphasizes the importance of rewriting and the editing process. She inspires budding writers (children and teachers alike) to pursue their dreams of expressing thoughts through stories, poetry, plays, music, and videos. Lynn Rosenblatt is a retired CT teacher who taught first and second grade at Andover Elementary School and Colchester Elementary School. She currently presents at Book Stores, Schools and Libraries. MONARCH MAGIC was published in 1998. The program gives detailed information on the life cycle of the monarch butterfly. in 1998. elementary school age children State of CT Life Cycle of an Author, 1-hour Presentation $250 plus travel expenses when necessary. Additional 1-hour Writing Workshop session @ $100 each Long table - TV, DVD or Video player
Amy Soter 203 260-2567 caterpillar/butterfly metamorphisis, what they eat, where they live kindergarten


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